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The Basic Steps To Iridology Analysis

Structure = Texture

Structure is determined by the texture of the iris. When you look at the iris with a magnifying glass and a small flashlight, you can usually see many hills and valleys with a few deep holes thrown in. These hills and valleys make up the texture of the iris. They range on a scale from tightly woven silk to loosely woven gauze (or net).

For instance, 12:00 is Vitality & Quality of Life.

If this area is discolored, has Radii Solaris in it or a big hole, then quality of life/energy levels will be down. If the area is discolored with a yellow tint, then a liver/gallbladder cleanse may be in order.

Color in Iridology

The actual colors of the eye can give a wealth of information to the observant iridologist. Eyes are genetically either blue or brown so any variations on that indicate malfunctions. The degree of variation marks the degree of malfunction. For instance, white means an area is working hard to stay even. Yellow-White means it's losing the battle. Reddish Brown to Brown means the area is deteriorating. If it progresses to black, you have dying tissue. One thing about Iridology, it gives you a chance to know about it before it gets to the point where it has to be cut out.As the body gives up, the yellow-white shows a deeper layer of fibers. Brown indicates the problem has sunk into even deeper tissue and black is a sign of despair within the tissues.

Reflex Zones - Iridology

This is the section exactly opposite a stressed area on the iris map. For instance, 7:40 to 7:50 in the right iris is the liver zone. Directly opposite is the tongue, mouth and lower jaw which may be producing symptoms of difficulty (or disinclination toward) talking or chewing food which can be useful indicators since the liver rarely gives direct signals.Whenever you see any marked discoloration or very loose weave in one zone, check out its opposite and you may see where the symptoms are.

Special Signs in Iridology

One of the most common is Radii Solaris.

These are like spokes in a wheel spearing out from the intestines to any area on the map. Wherever they go, they poison and inhibit the surrounding cells. The ancient Chaldeans first recorded this phenomenon 2,000 + years ago in sheep. They knew when they saw them that the sheep needed a parasite cleanse. The results to the areas include inflammation, infection & pain but no medical reason will ever show up. That's because the area is simply absorbing toxins by osmosis from the bowel. Clean the bowel and cleanse the parasites and you'll often be amazed at the increased energy and decreased pain and susceptibility to infection you will enjoy.

Another sign often seen today is a Sodium Ring which is a cloudy white ring around the iris in the circulation zone. If it is completely around the problem is quite severe and indicates large deposits of sodium in most unwelcome places. Do you find it more difficult to concentrate? Do you suffer from aches and pains most of the time? Check to see if this ring is starting in the brain area (between 11:00 & 1:00).

The Lymphatic Rosary is a ring of small beads circling the iris when complete. A person whose lymph is truly slowing down in its job of waste-removal. Wherever you see these beads, you may see signs of swelling or pain. You may also note that perspiration is offensive, skin blotchy and breath is unbearable to those around you. This particular problem is seen most often in people who don't get enough exercise to properly "pump" the lymphatic system.

Nerve Rings are circles or arcs of circles looking as though they were embossed into the fibers of the iris. The more of these, the more nervous they are. When they completely circle the eye, the nervous system is just about to crack.

Psoric Spots are often inherited spots which are different from other spots you may see in the eye. They actually seem to float over the surface of the eye and are more a collection of dots than a single spot. Again, cleanse the organs and glands that cleanse the body. Your liver and gallbladder top that list. Intestines, pancreas and spleen follow closely behind.

On each of these special signs, note where they are in relation to the iris map and nourish that organ, gland or body part along with the cleansing program for your whole body.




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